CalfBrew® Review – Rosie and Darren Scott

“We run a beef farm of 200 breeders, we used to be Dairy farmers but stopped milking 13yrs ago.
Every year we end up with about 10 calves to hand rear due to all types of circumstances. I am a real animal lover and it just breaks my heart when they get sick and even worse when they die.
Sue came into my work one day and I was showing her photos of my pet cows. From there, we got talking about my two sick calves i had at the time. They were not drinking, battling to walk, had chronic diarrhoea and one even had an ear infection. We did all the usual things as farmers do however, I spent too much time sitting with them, helping them to drink, and standing them up.

Sue came into my work and gave me a bottle of Calf Brew Organic Probiotics and said “Rosie take it, you have nothing to lose”. So I went home and forced the amount down their throats.
My husband being a farmer of 40 years said, “here we go again!” lol as men do! Well within 2 days they were drinking and walking and the diarrhoea was settling.
Well Darren was shocked and we decided to give it to the other three calves and they are all healthy and 3mths old now.

My husband even ordered another two bottles. I now feed Petbrew to my 16yr old dog Bella who has scratched herself badly. She has settled down with her scratching.
This probiotic is amazing and we will not be without this product on our farm now. You have nothing to lose by giving this a go, however you will save animals from suffering and you will save a lot of money by not losing stock. I now tell all my other friends who are farmers! This is a natural product THAT WORKS, I swear by it.

Thank you Sue for being so caring and giving. Thank you for introducing this amazing product.”