EquiBrew® FAQ

EquiBrew® FAQ

Is EquiBrew “swab-free” (Clean Sport Compliant)? Can race or sport horses use EquiBrew?

EquiBrew contains no prohibited or restricted substances and can be used by race and sport horses.

My horse reacts poorly to sugar…can I safely use EquiBrew?

The sugars used to produce EquiBrew are converted by our microbes into beneficial organic acids and EquiBrew can safely be used in horses sensitive to sugar.

How do I administer EquiBrew?

EquiBrew is administered orally. Most of our customers mix EquiBrew into supplemental feed or syringe directly. Others have reported success mixing into chaff or hay or simply putting EquiBrew in a bucket for the horse to drink. Any way that gets the product into your horse without drying it out or exposing it to high (over 40°C or 105°F) temperatures is effective.

Will I still need to provide vitamin/mineral/trace element supplements if I use EquiBrew?

EquiBrew is not a substitute for vitamin/mineral/trace element supplements but improved digestion can improve the uptake of these inputs such that less is needed over time. We recommend blood testing and veterinary advice to determine if supplementation is required.

Do I still need to use worming products?

EquiBrew is not a substitute for anti-parasitic products. We recommend using worming products when faecal egg counts are excessive or when obvious signs and symptoms of parasites are observed rather than prophylactic use of these products. It is prudent to seek veterinary advice if in doubt.

Should I refrigerate EquiBrew?

Do not refrigerate EquiBrew. Store tightly capped and out of direct sunlight. Use within 21 days of opening.

How should I store EquiBrew?

Protect from extremes of temperature (do not allow to freeze or expose to over 40oC or 105oF). Keep out of direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. Room temperature is best. Use before date on bottle and within 2 weeks of opening.

How much EquiBrew should I give to my horse or pony?

For horses/ponies dealing with specific issues, we recommend a loading dose of 250mls per day (8 fl oz), mixed into feed, and split if feeding more than once daily, for 1-4 weeks. For horses that are generally well, or that have already had a loading dose, the recommended maintenance dose is 100ml (3-4 fl oz) per day.

Increase dose in times of stress such as transport, competition, feed changes, increased training, after antibiotic use etc….

Does my horse’s size determine the correct dose of EquiBrew?

There is a great deal of variability in the gut ecology of horses. This factor is far more important than body size. Once the loading dose period is completed the effects observed with each individual horse are the best indicator for the correct long term dosage rate.

Can I harm my horse with EquiBrew?

The microbes and organic acids in EquiBrew are very safe. We only use microbes that are scientifically determined to be safe and appear on the GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) registers in USA, NZ and other countries.

Our microbes have been carefully screened to include only the most beneficial for horse gut ecology. These microbes are capable of improving digestion and helping the horse during times of stress.

EquiBrew has been tested on human subjects at rates approximately 10 time the recommended rates for horses with no ill effect

What does your “Best Before” date mean?

Our Best Before date and usage instructions are designed to provide a product with the highest level of microbial viability and activity that we can produce. EquiBrew does not become hazardous or of poor quality immediately after the Best Before Date on the bottle.

What is different about EquiBrew?

EquiBrew is a combination of billions of live, active microbes (a blend of lactobacilli and yeasts) and the beneficial organic acids they produce. EquiBrew is a fresh product that is not negatively affected in any way by shelf stabilization methods.

EquiBrew is a functioning consortium of beneficial bacteria and the metabolites they produce.

How can the microbes in EquiBrew survive acid in the stomach?

The lactobacilli in EquiBrew are selected to cope with a variety of challenges as they move through the equine digestive system. This includes low pH (acid) conditions and bile salts. The microbes in EquiBrew do not require encapsulation or other protection to cope with these challenges.

What is that stuff at the bottom of the bottle?

The sediment in EquiBrew is made up of many living cells and cell fragments. It should be administered to your horse/pony. Gently invert the bottle before each use to combine this sediment with bottle contents and rinse the bottle and provide to your horse or pony when finishing each bottle.

What is in EquiBrew?

Water, molasses, sugar, microbial cultures and a small amount of kelp powder and lime are the ingredients used to produce EquiBrew. The sugars that feed the microbes are converted by them into beneficial compounds such as butyric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid and other microbial metabolites. Every bottle contains many billions of lactobacilli and yeasts that are alive, active and ready to work from the moment you give EquiBrew to your horse.

Where can I buy EquiBrew?

You can purchase EquiBrew through our online store!


My bottle is fizzy, is this a problem?

Fizzy or swollen bottles are a sign of the active yeast in EquiBrew. We aim to control this through our brewing methods, but occasionally the yeast is especially active and we see fizzier brew. This is completely normal and safe. It does not affect the quality or efficacy of the product.

My horse’s manure has changed colour or become quite loose after starting EquiBrew. Is this normal?

An early sign that EquiBrew is having an effect in the equine gut is a change in a horse’s manure.

Many of our success stories begin with a brief period where the manure loosens-up somewhat and changes colour, often going quite dark, accompanied with a temporary and rather pungent odour. Some customers have even reported a shiny or oily sheen to the droppings. This is entirely normal!

After a short period with EquiBrew use, ranging from a few days to a couple weeks, the horse’s manure will change back to normal droppings that are lighter in colour, of the typical shape associated with horse droppings and the smell will change to the sweeter, more pleasant odour that is indicative of healthy digestion.

Longer-term changes include the disappearance of unprocessed feed, especially grain, from the manure as the efficiency of the horse’s digestion improves. This change in appearance may be not please the birds who used to feast on the expensive undigested grain in your horse’s manure, but it is an excellent indicator of improving feed conversion and cost savings.

All of these changes are reflective of the good bugs and organic acids in EquiBrew having a positive effect in your horse’s gut. If these changes are taking more than ten days or two weeks, it may be a good idea to raise the dose for a few days until you see well-formed and normal-smelling droppings from your horse.