EquiBrew® Review

“Savannah Rose is a 14yo Anglo mare who loves to run. So we compete in the winter sport of Endurance riding where we mostly ride 80km events. Savannah does very well however she is a super sensitive mare and doesn’t find travelling and events relaxing. She started on Equibrew just a few weeks ago and we have recently attended our first event for the year. The first event is always taxing on the horses as they are not up to peak fitness usually and for this particular event the travelling days were extremely hot (35-37deg).

Usually Savannah’s appetite will drop off at events, however this ride she drank and ate the entire event! That meant that her veterinary scored recovery stats of pulse, respiration, hydration and gut motility were perfect A’s all event and she claimed 1st place in her division. Furthermore, the next day her appearance was as bright as a button with none of the usual tiredness or stiffness after an event, she was not tucked up at all despite the heat and lost very little weight. In fact at a schooling ride a few days later she felt phenomenal. In a few short weeks of using Equibrew her coat has also darkened considerably and she is more relaxed in the horsefloat.”