EquiBrew® Kirsty, Dardanup

“I have used many products when treating ulcers over the years, from conventional vet treatments to more alternate and herbal approaches. I have had great success with the use of herbs and natural products to heal ulcers, yet it has taken several weeks to see a big improvement in the horse and its associated behaviour. My young horse returned from a spell away at a trainer and was showing signs of ulcers; flighty, reactive, dull coat and pawing in the float. He was also not interested in his feed, which being half welsh was quite alarming. This was very out of character.
I decided to give EquiBrew a go. I was in awe as to the difference within 3 days. My cheeky. happy horse was back. He was again food oriented, his gut physically dropped down, he stopped pacing the fence, and his reactive behaviour ceased. By the end of the bottle, his coat was darker, and he was glowing with health. It will always be my go-to product now, and I will use it as a preventative in times of stress. Easy to use, palatable, and cost effective. Thanks EquiBrew!”