Our Story

Our Story

My story with Biobrew® started on 25th April 2015, when my horse Kinnordy Gym showed signs of colic early on that morning.

I had imported him from NZ only two weeks before, and he had arrived very happy and eating well. I had gone out early that morning to feed him, he sniffed at the food and walked away, which for a warmblood (like Labrador dogs!) a rejection of food always rings alarm bells.

The vet was called, and she arrived within 20 minutes, did all the usual colic interventions but he was not responding, and she suggested to take him to the major veterinary hospital in the city which is two hours away.

Gym deteriorated quickly and it was found that he has a nephro/splenic entrapment that could only be resolved by surgery.

His surgery went well, and he was up and about, however several days later, he started spiking massive temps and not eating. An infection had taken hold and he battled for days with the vets using every form of antibiotics with little result…Gym was fading quickly and at that stage, had prepared myself that he probably wouldn’t pull through.

Both his old owner in NZ and another friend who lived there, knew of the situation and suggested Equibrew®, so a box was dispatched pronto…and within a day of Gym being given EquiBrew®, his appetite started to return, and his eyes became brighter. The fact that these probiotics are live, went to work immediately and as time was not on our side, the results were seen within two doses.

From then on, I kept him on the Equibrew, his manures returned to normal, his weight, coat and appetite went back to Labrador status!

I then started to use all the products with great success, from the Petbrew for my dogs, stock and calf brew for my cattle, calves and chickens and Livebrew for myself and family.

I am still astounded today at the results that other people are getting for themselves and their animals with the miracle in a bottle, and love that I can share these amazing products with Australia in 2021.

Sue Palermo
Biobrew® Australia