PetBrew® Review – Kirsty, Dardanup

“I have a 10 year old Mastiff dog. He has always had skin challenges. Over the years he has had probiotic powders, different diets, bedding changes, medications and herbal and naturopathic treatments. He has had many veterinary consultations with both mainstream and alternate vets. We have in the past only had very small changes, with his skin always being dry, him having that ‘wet dog’ smell, and even being so itchy once; he chewed his foot pads off. 🙁

I make Luka raw food, as it’s the only thing he doesn’t react to, so adding the Pet Brew was easy. Within a week his wet dog smell was gone and he wasn’t itchy. A few more weeks on, and he has put on muscle (from returning to his bouncy running self again), his coat is glossy, and he is obviously happier. Many people have commented on the change in his appearance and obvious health – I attribute it all to Pet Brew. I have even been able to add a high quality grain free biscuit back in as a portion of his diet. Thankyou. Pet Brew has given our beautiful, loyal big dog comfort and health in his twilight years.”